Coed Varsity Debate · Miners take 3rd at Beehive Bonanza

The 2017-18 Debate season has begun. The Beehive Bonanza at the University of Utah isn’t a smallish local tournament anymore; over 40 schools were there, including several out-of-state schools with impressive debate programs.
Our debate seniors this year showed up 4 1/2 years ago as shiny, naive, enthusiastic 8th graders; their hard, persistent work over these years and their deep experience means they rarely encounter something they can’t handle. I spent the entire weekend in AWE as they rolled through the tournament, winning round after round after round. And they are training the new generation exceedingly well; we had novices break in every event.
PCHS captured the sweepstakes bronze, taking 3rd place overall.  Here are details:
Novice Impromptu: Tomas Cruz and Annie Sheinberg both broke into elim. round; Annie took 2nd place!
Novice Extemp. Speaking: Will Efrusy broke and took 2nd place!
Novice Dramatic Interp:  Lindsay Miller broke and took 4th place.
Novice Congress: Tom Perret was a finalist, breaking in to the final Congress round.
Novice Public Forum:  Ryan Cook/Max O’Reilly broke into elmins., making it into the octofinals.
Novice Lincoln-Douglas debate:  FIVE PCHS novice debaters broke into the elim. rounds – amazing!  These were Joe Minson (octofinalist), Ali Aldous (quarterfinalist), Caroline Waldmann (semifinalist), Noah Nasser, who took second place overall!, and Will Efrusy, who captured 1st place!!
Open Lincoln-Douglas:  Teia Swan broke into elim. rounds and was awarded fourth speaker.
Open Congress:  Adam Hickey, Adam Herbst, and Aiden Beukema all broke into the final Congress round; Adam Hickey took sixth and best chair.
Open Public Forum:  Gavin Serr & Boyana Martinova (debating in PF for the first time) debated round after round almost flawlessly and captured 1st place!! They were undefeated. Gavin was awarded 2nd speaker and Boyana won 1st in speaks!
Open Policy debate:  Robbie Allison & Serena Haas Debated like true pros and won 1st place in this most intense of events. They were undefeated!
The Miners next tournament is on October 27 & 28 at Dixie High School in St. George.