Varsity Debate · Miners Debate Wins 3A State Championship

The Park City High School Debate team earned the 3A State championship over this past weekend at Stansbury High School. And even more importantly, every single one of our entries did well enough in their performances to earn points towards our sweepstakes total; this win was truly and completely a team effort from all 23 of them.

In the final tallying, we were just 2 points ahead of Logan High, the 2nd place team, so EVERY single point made a difference. Our students have earned this honor because of their deep preparation and constant self-improvement.

All of the following debate events have about 30 entries, the best from all over the state. Here are some details:

Original Oratory: Adam Herbst earned important points toward our total.

Impromptu: Alice Beukema (rising from her sick bed to come compete with us) took 8th place overall.

Foreign Extemp: Vincent Jedlicka and Aidin O’Brien earned important points towards our total.

National Extemp: Carter Thompson earned important points towards our total, Kristina Schiffman took 10th place overall, and Matthew Gustafson broke into the finals round and earned 3rd place overall.

Student Congress: Alex Whitty took 9th place, and Jordan Blake and Adam Hickey both broke into Congress finals, the “Bloodbath” of super intense competition. Adam took 4th place overall.

Public Forum: Lulu Feltovich/ Caileigh Lydon earned important points for the team, while Kyle Haas/ Reese Adams and Nina Williams/ Reede Nasser both broke into the elimination rounds, each with a 4 -1 record in prelims. Kyle & Reese took 7th place and Nina & Reede took 8th place.

Policy Debate: Kieran Ahern/ Zach Primo earned 9th place, just shy of breaking into elims. This is an amazing feat, considering that Zach, who does LD debate, was an emergency fill-in partner for Kieran at Region. Kudos here to Devon Gregory, who helped coach them. Robbie Allison/ Serena Haas broke into elims and kept winning, round after round. They took 2nd place!

Lincoln-Douglas debate: Abi Kretschmar earned important points for the team; Danny Rosenbloom, Teia Swan and Boyana Martinova all broke into elims. Because our PCHS team had so many good LDers near the top (and entries within a team don’t debate each other), we were introduced to the hard, heart-breaking realities of a “walk-over”, a term I’d not heard before but that frequently happens in finals rounds when your team is really good. Yikes. Danny took 8th place overall, Boyana took 3rd and Teia took 2nd!