Coed Varsity Debate · Debate Wins Region Title

Our team has grown and deepened in experience and skill this year to the point that, despite the absence of several strong Policy debaters, we earned three of the top five spots in half of the 8 events!  We won the Region 10 title with 86 points, 26 points ahead of 2nd place. Since we can take only 3 or 4 entries in each event, this says volumes about the quality and depth of our team. 17 of our 25 entries took 5th place or higher – that’s almost 70%, our best percentage of placers yet.


Original Oratory: Adam Herbst and Krissy Brian both earned points towards our team total.

Impromptu:  Alice Beukema took 1st place – Region Champ!

Foreign Extemp. Speech: Vincent Jedlicka took 6th place and Aidin O’Brien took 5th place; Karl Graf earned points for our team.

National Extemp. Speech: A SOLID block of PCHS here – Carter Thompson earned 3rd place while Kristina Schiffman and Matthew Gustafson tied for 1stplace – Region Champs!

Student Congress: A nice block of PCHS here – Alex Whitty took 6th, Jordan Blake took 4th, and Adam Hickey took 2nd place.

Policy debate:  Robbie Allison/Serena Haas took 5th place; Kieran Ahern/ Zach Primo earned points for our team.

Lincoln-Douglas debate: Another solid block of excellent individual debating – Danny Rosenbloom took 5th  with a 3-1 record, Boyana Martinova (4-0) took 3rd, Teia Swan (4-0) 2nd and Abi Kretschmar (4-0) took 1st place – Region Champ!

Public Forum debate – This event had the most entrants and the competition is intense, so our performance is even more impressive.  Nina Williams/Reede Nasser took 5th place with a 3-1 record, Kyle Haas/Reese Adams (3-1) took 4th, and Lulu Feltovich/Caileigh Lydon (4-0) took 2nd place!  Because this event with partners earns double points, these six debaters, with 26 points from winning performances, clinched our 1st place at Region.