Coed Varsity Debate · Miners Debate Keeps Improving at Neil Warren Classic

Before the break, our debate team made an overnight trip to Price, Utah for the Neil Warren Classic at USU Eastern. It was a small tournament last year; this year it had doubled in size with schools from all over the state. We took fewer students than usual but because everyone turned in stellar performances, we took the Sweepstakes trophy – 1st place overall! Here are some details:

Storytelling: Adam Hickey – 5th place; Matthew Gustafson – 4th place

Spontaneous Argument: Devon Gregory – 3rd place

Duo Interpretation: Alice Beukema & Krissy Brian – 3rd place

Informative Speaking: Christian Gordon – 1st Place!

Dramatic Interpretation: Adam Hickey, 1st Place!

Extemporaneous Speaking: Vincent Jedlicka placed, Abi Kretschmar – 4th place; Matthew Gustafson – 3rd place; Liz Cantlebary – 1st Place!

Student Congress: Jordan Blake – 5th place; Adam Hickey – 2nd place!

Public Forum: Reese Adams/ Nina Williams (competing together for the first time) 1st Place!

Lincoln-Douglas: Teia Swan – 5th place; Boyana Martinova – 3rd place; Abi Kretschmar – 1st Place!

Policy: Devon Gregory/Nick Gardner (competing together for the first time) – 2nd place!; Robbie Allison/ Dylan Wolfe – 1st Place!

Next Debate tournament will be the Bingham Copper Classic at Bingham High School on Friday and Saturday, January 13-14.